More than just a break between Halloween and Christmas

Sometimes, I almost  forget about Thanksgiving.  It’s wedged between the multi-masked, ever flamboyant Halloween  and the Christmas crazies.  Actually, I did celebrate it for about 3 days.  I took down my Halloween garden flag and put up a “Be Thankful” turkey flag.  I had good intentions until the Christmas bug bit me, and today, I hesitate to admit, I put a snowman flag in the yard, and I am close to finishing my Christmas decorating, except for the tree and lights outside.

Now, before you count me out as a total nut, not to mention an ungrateful one, allow me to explain.  For the first time, maybe ever, we are being treated to a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with our grown children and grandchildren.  In only a week, the hubby and I will fly to Pennsylvania for a wonderful meal and some precious time together.  This is my excuse for decorating early this year.  I don’t have to prepare Thanksgiving food, so I’ll just skip over Thanksgiving and move right into the Christmas season.  That way, I can get a jump on the “real holiday”.

But wait, something is wrong here.  Thanksgiving should be the most important holiday.  It is the only time of the year when we spend time reflecting on God’s great gifts to us.  These aren’t presents you can put under a tree…these are real gifts, like peace, joy, love, contentment, health, happiness, and so on.  This is the one time of the year when we look at our lives and realize how good we have it.  Oh, we all have our bad days…perhaps months and years.  But, if you are able to read this, and I am able to write this, I would say that we are blessed.

And so today, I thank you Father in Heaven for family and friends, for good food and a beautiful, comfortable home.  I thank you for a body that still moves, though slower than I would like, and a mind that works reasonably well most of the time.  I’m thankful that my mother is still with me, and I would remember all of my family members who have passed.  I won’t forget their empty seats at the table.  I am grateful beyond measure for sons who would make any parents proud, and for their wives and families.  How blessed we are!  And, God, you really outdid yourself in the husband department.  Truly, I would not be here without his constant love and support.

And so, as I sit here in my “Christmas House” I am thankful today and every day, Dearest Lord, for one more day to laugh, love, live and breathe.  You have never failed me.  Your love is everlasting and Your fondest desire is for good things for your children.

I may not have that turkey flag out anymore, but I won’t forget about Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving shall always be in my heart.

8 thoughts on “More than just a break between Halloween and Christmas

    • Well, I think my “Ho, Ho, Ho,” is “Ho, Hum” right now!! I have a backache that you wouldn’t believe from bending over all of those boxes!! And to think that you have some of my decorations and I sold the rest of them at the resale shop! What was I thinking when I bought all of that stuff? But, it is looking pretty festive around here, I must say. Maybe I can make you a deal….$15 an hour??? Or, maybe I can trade you some decorating time for that fabulous Thanksgiving meal that I can’t wait to dive into!!

  1. Myra-
    I think you have captured the true heart of Thanksgiving and all of our blessings. This indeed is a very special Thanksgiving season for me…but then every day is special as I see it these days.

    I am very happy for you to have already decorated for Christmas. How delightful it will be to return home after a wonderful visit with your Brad and family to enter your own Christmas wonderland. You really should be able to enjoy December. My mind is inspired to do the same, but not sure the body will cooperate. Hope your trip is fantastic and tell your family hello for me.

    Donna E.

  2. OK, it is great and I will be reading to keep up with you. My son has a “very political” blog which can be way over my head ( I hope yours will be more understandable, I am sure it will!

    • Thank you!! yes, I’m sure that I will be a lot less “over your head” than your kids!!! Thanks for reading me! I’ll never forget the other day when you pulled my book out of the pocket on your car. I think you may be the only person who travels with my book on board. What a thrill that was for me. You have no idea what that means to me. Love you…

  3. Beautiful post Myra. I am thankful for two wonderful sister-in-laws. We will miss you and Rayford this year. Give all the kids and grandkids hugs and kisses from us!

    • Thank you! And how proud Dar and I are to have you as our sister-in-law, except that it can be intimidating. You do everything so well! But, we will try to forgive you for that! We will miss all of you, too, but are so excited about Thankgsgiving with the kids and grandkids this year.

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