Thanksgiving at the Health Care Center

I was playing the piano tonight for the Thanksgiving dinner at one of our local health care centers…aka..nursing homes.  I do this every year, and enjoy it a lot.  The place was packed with people.  I would guess 150 more family members were there, but I’m a terrible guesser, so let’s say the attendance was somewhere between 75 and 250.  That should get it.  Anyway, I sat down on the piano bench, as I have done many times before, in many other places.  And, quite often at these events, I hate to say, something is wrong with the piano.  As you may have guessed, pianos endure a slow death in church fellowship halls, nursing homes, community centers, city halls, and every other place where I try to tinkle the ivories.  So, I’m about to sit down at this piano that hasn’t been tuned in 25 years, and that’s a guess that’s probably low…and I notice, right away, that the music stand is propped up on the keyboard, not attached to the top of the piano.  Then, I notice something else.  It looks as if some glue or tape has been stuck on the back of this music stand, and I know I’m in deep, deep trouble.  There is no way I can keep my music sitting up long enough to play.  This will be a disaster.

But, it’s almost Thanksgiving, so you probably know where I’m going with this.  When I placed my book of music on the broken edge of the piano, where the stand would normally sit, it sat there….I MEAN, IT REALLY SAT THERE!  I was amazed.  That never happens.  And so I played one piece after another, and only three or four times did my music book fall into my lap, but I’m pretty sure no one noticed because they were eating that food that I wanted.

And that brings me to another blessing.  When my hour of playing was over, I asked one of the ladies if I could have a take home box.  It is a good thing to be brazen when turkey, dressing, and all the sides are involved.  She said that I could, but when I went up to the buffet line, all of the food was gone.  I asked another girl, and she apologized.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “The food is all gone.”  Well, you could have knocked me over with a turkey feather.  I really, really wanted some of that delicious smelling food!  I began to walk back to the piano to get my music when this same young girl ran up behind me, and tapped me on the shoulder.  “That lady up in front wants to talk to you,” she said.  And do you know what that nice lady wanted to talk about?  Turkey!  Yes, she knew just where there were some extras, and she loaded me up a plate that fed me and my husband, with leftovers to spare.

Yes, I can tell it’s Thanksgiving week.  There have been way too many blessings floating around for a regular old week.

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