Come, Dayspring, Come!

Here is my Christmas poem for this year:

Come Dayspring, Come!

The night was still, no earthly sound,

Only the cry of lambs abound.

An eerie mix of solace and fear

Waiting, still waiting, our King to appear.

A new dawn arrives, the silence is broken,

Voices of shepherds and magi are spoken.

Who is the babe who rests on the hay?

Can we come closer…dare we stay?

Shall we bow down and lie at his feet?

Will we wake him from slumbering sleep?

Questions float like clouds running by,

What are we seeking here, and why?

Sing His praise with anthems clear.

Christ, the newborn King, is here!

Beat the drums, let the trumpet sound

Gather, everyone, in Bethlehem town!

Come, bright dayspring, come

Shine your mercy on everyone

From king to pauper, greatest to least,

Teach us, Lord Jesus, compassion and peace.

Good will to men!  Let this be our cry,

May mercy, justice, and love abide.

Let every tongue confess, and every heart know,

That God came down, His love to show.

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