Ring, Ring, Ring Me Up!

I love the goofy Target lady.  Call me crazy, but this woman is a hoot!  There she is, working out on the treadmill, lifting weights, and practicing her mad dash into the Christmas season.  I identify with her way too much.  We laugh at her, but most females experience some of this “rush” during the holidays.  Today, for instance, much earlier than normal, I began decorating my tree.  After a couple of hours of tangled ornament hooks, falling icicles, and tissue paper wrapped around my ankles, I began to freak out.  I wasn’t cackling while icing dripped down my arm like the Target lady, but I was stressed out, tired, frustrated, and NOT HAPPY.

Tomorrow, thank goodness, I can get away from the tree for several hours.  That would be when I GO SHOPPING WITH ALL OF THE OTHER NUT CASES OUT THERE!!!  Actually, I did stop once today during my decorating marathon.  I walked past the tree and knocked over part of a little manger scene that was on my sofa table.  Then, it hit me.  I’m knocking Jesus out of Christmas.  I’m getting everything done except the right things.  Oh, I’ll make the church programs and sing all of the carols, but where does Jesus fit into my Christmas extravaganza?

He’s right in the center of Christmas, where He always was.  Now, all I have to do is put Him back in His rightful place.

2 thoughts on “Ring, Ring, Ring Me Up!

    • Yes, indeed! I just replied to your post. I want to try the “copy and paste” for your recipes this afternoon. I am out today looking for a few things…it is too much. I think I’m trying to get the “stuff” out of the way early to enjoy the real reason for Christmas. Don’t think that’s the way it happens…I am hoping that my words will reach me as well! Love you…Myra

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