Myra and the Preacher

Many years ago, a good friend of mine named one of their dogs, Myra, and another of their dogs, The Preacher.  It was an interesting mix.  As I understand it, Myra was quite the problematic dog.  Go figure!  Not sure about The Preacher…didn’t hear as much about his antics, but I suspect that Myra was the more eccentric of the two.

And, that brings me to this silly story.  On Saturday night, we were at a wonderful birthday party for a friend.  Our preacher and his wife were there, and while I was standing close to both of them, the preacher whispered in my ear…”I need to ask you something.”  I assumed that the preacher was asking me something because he knew that I am a smart woman of the world, knowledgeable in all matters.  At least, that would be my assumption.  As it turns out, he needed two names.  One name was the name of a lady who has been in our church for probably 50 years.  The other lady is someone I have also known for many, many years.  In fact, her son was a good friend of my oldest son, Brad.

No problem with this question, right?  Wrong!  The minute I was asked for two names, I went blank.  Nothing appeared in my tiny brain..not a first or last name..not an initial..not a clue.  I stammered around, embarrassed to admit my senility.  My brain had gone south for the winter.  Problem is…it was 70 degrees in Texas!  I apologized, and then slowly the names came to me, but it was too late.  Once again, my 62 year old memory had failed me.

I’m old!!!  I can’t remember things that I have known for years.  I can’t recall names, situations or dates that are stored somewhere in my brain, but seldom appear at the designated time.

And so, as it turns out, you may be able to teach a dog new tricks, but if you teach its namesake anything new, she’s likely to forget it!

Stay tuned.  More comments concerning “the 60’s” to come.  This is the subject of the book I’m writing now.

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