The Camping Cat!

This will come as a shock, but I have done another stupid thing.  Chalk it up to my pet fetish.  When we had a dog, there was nothing I didn’t dofor that chihuahua.  There were cute coats, multiple treats, personalized stockings on the mantle, and soothing music when she was sick.  We bought medicine for her seizures, rushed her to the animal hospital in the middle of the night, and gave that dog more attention than we gave our boys… at least it seemed that way.  Our dog became very ill, and we had to put her to sleep, which nearly killed us.  It took months to stop hearing her little paws following us down the hall, or to quit looking for her on top of the sofa when we napped together, or see her outside running in the yard.  

I had nearly healed from that trauma when a good friend of mine died from cancer.  Shirley Blake was the dearest person on earth, and when she died of cancer, she had two cats, “Big Kitty” and “Little Kitty”…clever names, right?  Well, little kitty was adopted by one of Shirley’s caregivers, but for weeks, “Big Kitty” sat outside in that empty garage, and looked like a pet who had lost his best friend, and truly, he had. I went with my friend, Sally Taylor, several times to feed “Big Kitty”.  At first, he was skittish, barely letting anyone new pet him.  Gradually, he rubbed on me some, and then, he stole my heart.  Don’t be too impressed.  I’m easy prey.  Within a month, Sally’s daughter had captured “Big Kitty” and brought him to our house.  “Big Kitty” became “Socks” and Socks became a member of our family.

Socks was an outside cat, rarely inside the Shirley’s house.  Well, we stopped that in a hurry.  Quickly, he began to use the chairs for his scratching posts, twirl on the rugs, sleep in the softest spots, and sit by his food dish until we gave him a treat.  An unspoiled cat became rotten in weeks.

And now, the second chapter arrives.  We weren’t able to capture Socks to take him to the vet.  He is a huge cat.  We couldn’t push him into the old dog carrier, so I got smart.  I found a pet tent with poles in it, just like the real thing!  We’ll put Socks in that, I told my husband.  Then, we can carry it by the poles to the vet!

Sounds like a plan, right?  Wrong.  Inside the box, on the instruction sheet, it reads, “Not to be carried by the poles with the animal inside.  It should only be used as a kennel.”

 It may be useless, but  it’s adorable.  It looks like the cutest people tent you’ve ever seen!  And now, I’m getting new ideas.  How about a cat canteen?  Perhaps I could find some camo gear, or a portable kitty grill for preparing salmon at the campsite?  

So, if you’re visiting  a cushy campsite one day and see a  little blue and black tent, please stop in and say hello to Mr. Socks.  But, don’t forget the treats.  He loves to bite people on their toes!

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