Child of Hope, Child of Light

By Myra F. Smith

Precious baby, child of light,
You came to us one star-filled night,
Born of Mary, sent from heaven
To earthly sinners you were given.

Shepherds left their lambs to roam
Wise men traveled far from home.
The Lamb of God has come tonight!
Sing praises to the Lord of Life.

Let justice and peace flow like a stream
Sing praises to Christ, master and king!
He is the one by prophets proclaimed
Master, Redeemer, Savior, and Friend!

Joy unfurled to all mankind!
Healing and hope for the lame and blind.
Salvation for sinners, hope for the poor,
His burden is light; His message is sure.

What can I bring the precious child
Whose sleep is sound; whose manner is mild?
I have nothing, poor as I am.
How shall I honor the chosen Lamb?

Bring Him your dreams, your worries and cares.
He knows you, embraces you; He’s always there.
His hand in yours, He shows you the way.
Open your heart to Jesus today!

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