April Devotion…The Tomb Stone

April Devotional
The Christian Connection
The Tomb Stone
By Myra F. Smith
Bible Verse: “In Adam, all of us die. In the same way, in Christ, all of us will be made alive again.” (1 Corinthians 15:22)
By the time this newsletter is printed, many of the most significant events in our Christian calendar will have come and gone. The Lenten services, the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, the unspeakable grief of Mary and the disciples over Jesus’ death, will no longer be a part of the current liturgy.
But, there is another part of this story that lives on, way beyond Easter Sunday. Because of the resurrection of Jesus, we have re-birth, renewal, and hope for the future. Because the stone at the burial site was moved away, death is replaced by life; tears give over to joy; agony becomes ecstasy, and light shines on the darkness.
As the hymn says, “Because He lives, we can face tomorrow.” Because He lives, our stones of hopelessness, fear, despair, grief, sin, suffering, physical and emotional pain, hardship, and anxiousness about tomorrow, are rolled away. Now, we can live with with hope, joy, love, acceptance, and eternal life.
Jesus Lives!
The Stone Is Gone!

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