An Attitude of Gratitude





By Myra F. Smith


Bible Verse: “Praise the Lord! Thank the Lord because he is good. His love continues forever. No one can tell all the mighty things the Lord has done; no one can speak all his praise.” (Psalm 106: 1-2)


There is a little break on the calendar that comes shortly after the last goblin runs away, and before Christmas rush begins. It’s known as “Thanksgiving”. You may have heard of it. There is no shopping, few costumes or parties, and no gifts for this event. The celebration only needs three things: family, food, and fellowship.


In our texting, tweeting world, Thanksgiving can be stressful. We are required to speak…not text, type or tweet. We look into another person’s eyes and share information. It’s called a “conversation”. Remember?


Speaking of remembering, Rayford and I drove to Lufkin yesterday. My sister, Mom, and I drove to the cemetery in Alto where my maternal grandparents, my Dad, Rayford’s parents, and numerous family members are buried. We shared memories, then left and took a short trip to Mom and Dad’s old place. The pasture gate was open so we drove a short distance down the bumpy road and soaked up memories that hung sweet, like honey, in the air.


This Thanksgiving, my side of the family will gather at my brother’s house. Most of us will be there, and the ones who can’t be, or who are gone, are greatly missed. We will hold hands in a circle and my brother, who is the mirror image of Dad, will say a prayer of gratitude and thanks. We will eat the most wonderful food, and make new memories while sharing old ones.

We may live in an advanced age, but I believe we have lost the most important thing. We have replaced real, warm and loving human contact with artificial communication. We may have a lot of memory in our i-pads and i-phones, but the “real” memories are created around the Thanksgiving table, and those memories are never lost.


Share your gratitude with someone who is not as blessed as you this season, then gather with your family, bow your head at the bountiful table, and thank your heavenly father for His everlasting love.


God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him. Amen.




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