A Heartfelt Gift

A Heartfelt Gift
By Myra F. Smith

The earth is covered with sin and greed
God’s children are hurting, and in need.
Each man’s burden is his own
Days are hard…nights so long.

But, wait! A rumor spreads through town.
A Savior is born in Bethlehem!
Wise men follow a wondrous star,
Shepherds leave flocks to travel afar.

Angels sing and wise men pray,
Glory to God this heavenly day!
Shepherds bow down; and then the kings
Give gold, myrrh, and special things,

The years pass; the boy grows strong
He loves, he heals; he teaches them all.
Mercy, peace, acceptance, and love
Is the message He brings from above.

Why did he come? He came to save
Our hearts from fear, our souls from sin
What can we give? How shall we praise?
Give our hearts, full of mercy and grace

Then, this Christmas, and every day after
Fill your spirits with love and laughter
Spread God’s hope to those who have none,
And you will, at last,

See the baby, God’s son.


4 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Gift

  1. wow… another blessing from above. Gee, Myra…..God has given you so much talent to share His message. I always look forward to reading them. I hope you do not mind me sharing. I am thinking awesome…message…different but the same. Love it.

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. I have not mailed any cards. I have just been trying to breath. Jan and I drove to see J’Anne last week. You could not believe how long it took. The traffic was so bad. It took over an hour to go over the Mississippi River release break…stop. Plus, it was dark. Do you know that when the car is stopped on the bridge that that bridge sways? Me either!! Did not like it at al!!!

    A lot of construction and wrecks. All the way!😜We got there at 9:30 p.m. Traveling in the dark is not fun. To many bad drivers for me.

    Jan had an appointment at school with some teachers and J’Anne had a Dr. appointment at 10 a.m. Tuesday. When they returned we were planning to go to Pier I and then to eat at noon. Just before we were leaving to eat Jan had a phone call that their nephew had been shot and was at the hospital. So, off we went hungry and afraid with a lot of prayers going up.

    We got to the hospital and they were beside themselves with fear. We had a prayer and hugs before going to find out how etc.

    When we arrived the family was standing outside the Emergency Room all crying. Sorry, to say, but Shane did not make it thru surgery.

    How weird… was that. We went to get away from Nov. 14th. Mindy’s death and walked into another death. Oh, my, oh my. Gee…

    I did call up on the Lord again. It has been 26 years and flash back returned and tears and heart ache for that family. Shane age 41, single, engaged, left work to go on to lunch. He stopped at a convience store and picked up some cig. He was jumped and shot in the leg…got in the truck and stole ??? the robber emptied his gun on him. He fled to a get-away-car and ditched they car and went 4 ways. The cops did not try to catch them. They didn’t see the need as they had the car. However, it was stolen. Still…nothing as of today. No news regarding capturing anyone. That week 3 others were murdered and robbed. That place is evil!!! I do not care to return at all! This country gal wants to stay in the country!!!

    I ended up with a very sore throat …bad, nose and lungs….something that when I returned home the cough was so deep I have to go to the bathroom to cough because I have been like a mop and was wet!!! LOL…now I hate that feeling and showers! LOL

    I am much better…but this rain is not helping my cold bones! I have the fire place ready when I get really cold. But not yet. How was the Hampton’s??? Tell me what is happening there. How is the church stuff? We are keeping ya’ll in our prayers. Grace started the move the swimming pool project and that has been going on now for two weeks. Well…now it rains so we do not know when they can continue.

    The company that build PHS and remodeled several other elem. schools and built the new stadium this week donated $10,000 to help with the new Wildcat Golf Course. I heard that they were going to build a club house down on the course. Things are hopping here.

    Colby and Emily and kids are coming on Monday and stay until Wed. Then going on to her dad’s for Thanksgiving. Colby just got home from Norway on Thursday. It has been spring since they came up this way. Well, I have the Mindy Tree up and some of the Christmas stuff in the Library. However, I still have some Fall stuff out also until after Thanksgiving. You know…I am getting slower and slower!😉

    I had the tree up when we saw ya’ll but 1/4 decorated. I finished it yesterday. Old sucks! How are you feeling? I do hope you are feeling better and getting around with out pain. We are keeping our Liberty friends in our prayers and know this will be a hard Thanksgiving for the Willoughby’s. We are so blessed to have wonderful Christian friends both here and there.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! God bless our families, friends and America.

    Love and hugs,

    John and Bela

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • Bela…so good to hear from you, and thanks so much for reading my blog!! I wrote this poem in a really big hurry. The months are passing by too fast and I can’t keep up. By the time I realized it was almost time to submit the poem, it was the very day! So, it’s not my best effort, but I like it. Jan sent out an email to several friends about this nephew. It was so shocking. The world is so evil….I truly think that God’s people are being almost assaulted on every side and we must all pray even harder and stand together even closer. What a horrible thing for Barbara and Ernie…Jan said this was their only child.

      I know you understand totally what the family is going through. Yes, it will be very hard for Pete this year and for many years to come. As you well know, pain doesn’t go away and memories are still there…I guess God just keeps us going, even when we don’t think we can take another step. Jan said that you were her rock, and I would have known that. Your faith is amazing and helped me so much this summer when I was so sick. I told you that I would hold that little FROG (fully rely on God) in my hand while I rested. I’m so proud you were there.

      So sorry you are sick. Rayford and I both got sick after we got back from the Hamptons. Trip was just wonderful…way too short, but as much as we can afford!! House was gorgeous and we enjoyed seeing them and watching Reed so much. They will be here for Christmas, which will be great, and to have Brad, Becki and the girls close by is such a blessing. This will be the first time in so many years that all the kids can come to our house for Christmas…at least sometime during Christmas!! The weather was perfect in the Hamptons…gorgeous leaves, etc.. One of these days we may even take a trip for longer than 3 days!!

      We signed up for a church bus trip to see the Christmas lights in Marshall…it’s the first weekend in Dec. We’re spending Fri. night and coming back on Sat. I am really looking forward to it. We have never done that and I always wanted to. I think we’re going to Marshall’s Pottery too…..Wonder how much room is available on that bus for purchases!!

      Better go…love you very much and believe me, you are way ahead. I didn’t even open a box with fall stuff in it this year. Can’t get to it! And, we won’t even start on Christmas until after Thanksgiving, so you are not slow! Enjoy Colby and family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be at Ray’s..Brad and fan will be in San Marcos with the Giese family but I am trying to be sure we see them sometime over the weekend.

      Kisses, hugs, and lots of chocolate!! PS…have you tried Peppermint Bark Blue Bell??? Oh My Goodness!!

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