Listen My Children

Listen my children, listen and hear

Angels singing, shepherds leading,

Wise men traveling from afar

Songs of praise fill the air!

Listen, my children, and you shall hear.


Look my children, and you will see,

Joseph and Mary who is with child

Tired and weary, they come to a place

Where lambs lie down and sheep graze.

Look my children, look and see.


Come, my children, come see the babe

Swaddled in cloths, asleep on the hay

Sh…don’t wake the boy so sweet,

His mission on earth will soon be complete

Come, my children, come and see.


Worship, my children, worship Him

Jesus Christ, redeemer and friend

He teaches compassion; He message is love

Blessed and sent by the Father above.

Worship, my children; worship Father and Son.


Tell the story, the story of His birth

Share the news…Christ is Lord of the Earth!

Our sins are forgiven; our future is bright!

Jesus gives our souls new life!

Tell the story; tell it tonight.


Go, my children, for you will be

Christ’s disciple for those in need

Become a witness; give Him the praise

Embrace and cherish the human race.


And the magical star that heralded His birth

Will once more, shine down

On all His children, here on earth.









2 thoughts on “Listen My Children

    • Hey! I wish I was this early on the Christmas cards I’m trying to finish! I am going to write you a note about talking to Ann Ballew’s daughter yesterday on the phone. I will reply on your other message. Myra

      Myra Visit My Blog At:

      On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 8:46 PM, Musings from the writer's desk wrote:


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